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Cold Meze
Dolma£3.80Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato and fresh herbs
Tabouleh£2.80Cracked wheat with finely chopped vegetables and lemon dressing
Mediterranean Salad£4.70A mixture of greens, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and olives
Marinated Olives£3.50Mixed olives dressed with herbs
Bosphorous Bell Peppers£3.70Marinated peppers stuffed with Turkish goat cheese in a light dressing
Hummus£2.80Chickpea puree with garlic and tahini
Tzatsiki£2.80Garlic and yoghurt cucumber dip
Tarama£2.80Cod roe whipped with olive oil
Hot Meze
Haloumi & Vegetables£3.95Grilled cheese with onions, peppers and courgette
Borek (4)£4.50Cigar shaped pastries filled with feta cheese parsley
Lahmacun£2.80Thin pizza shaped flatbread topped with minced meat, onions, tomatoes and parsley
Pastirma£3.80Smoked garlic and beef sausage
Mediterranean Lamb Chops£5.20MoreLamb chops brushed with olive oil and thyme
Kalamar£4.50Lightly battered squid rings served with lemon and tartare sauce
Halloumi Salad£5.50Grilled haloumi salad served on wild rocket, with sun dried tomatoes and marinated olives
Served with side salad, pitta bread, chilli and garlic sauce
Lamb Doner Kebab£5.30MoreSliced minced lamb with a choice of herbs and spices
Chicken Doner Kebab£5.50MoreMarinated pieces of chicken thigh, thinly sliced and cooked on a rotisserie
Mixed Doner Kebab£5.80MoreA mixture of lamb and chicken doner
Adana Kebab£5.50MorePremium minced lamb blended with oregano and cumin
Chicken Shish Kebab£5.70MoreChunky chicken breast marinated with garlic and lemon
Lamb Shish Kebab£6.50MoreSucculent pieces of lamb marinated with a light peppery paste, grilled slowly for tenderness
Mixed Grill Kebab£8.70MoreA selection of adana kebab, chicken and lamb shish kebab
Ali Baba Special Grill£12.50MoreAdana kebab, chicken shish, lamb shish, lamb chops and pastirma
Falafel Kebab£6.50MoreChickpea pate with coriander and cumin, served with hummus
Haloumi Kebab£6.50MoreGrilled cheese with onions, mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomatoes and courgettes
Twister Fries£3.00More
Potato Wedges£2.90More
Turkish Rice£2.70MoreCooked with vermicelli noodles
Battered Onion Rings£3.20
Peri Peri Grilled Wings£3.80
Chicken Nuggets£3.20
Garlic Breaded Mushrooms£3.70
Corn on the Cob£1.90
Pickled Chillies£1.30
Pide£1.10Turkish flatbread
Wrap Bread£0.60
Pitta Bread£0.30
Quarter Pounder Burger£3.50MoreFlame grilled burger with cheese
Half Pounder Burger£5.20MoreA double beef burger with cheese
Chicken Fillet Burger£3.50MoreA fillet of chicken, floured and fried served with salad
Doner Burger£3.80MoreChicken or lamb doner meat served in a seeded bun with salad and sauce
Haagen Daz Ice Cream£5.75More
Baklava (4)£3.80Turkish pistachio pastry
Monday Offer
Monday Offer£14.95More2 Regular Kebabs, 1 Cold Meze, 1 Hot Meze